Haldane Burgess Leask

Born June 24, 1912

At home: 554 Gladwin Avenue, Detroit, MI.

Family moved to West Orange, New Jersey, in 1919, across from the Jones’ Mother House.

Burg was 7 years old.

Moved to East Orange and lived at several addresses:

Birchard Avenue, Linley Street, and Springdale Avenue.

Then moved to Bridgeport, CT, East Main & Beardsley Park Terrace, near Jack Heckerd’s.

Burg went to Warren Harding High School.

Moved to Dixon Street (off Park Avenue), then to Ellis Street near the Post Office on the Post Road in Fairfield, CT.

After high school, at the age of 21, Burg went with his Mother back to Detroit to open up the Gladwin Avenue home and sold it for his Father.

While there in Michigan, Burg entered the University of Michigan in 1933.

His family moved to Riverside Drive in Fairfield, CT, and then to Rolland Road, also in Fairfield.

His family then moved to Colony Street off Meadow Brook Road, and then Burg’s Dad built the home on Smedley Road where they remained until they died.

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