James V (1513 AD to 1542 AD)

•     September 21, 1513 AD        James V is crowned King of Scotland 12 days after his father died at Floden Field. James V was barely 17 months old. (4-page 298)

•     February 26 1514/1515 AD        William Leask, 7th of Leask, on February 26, 1514/1515, as Willame Lesk, Burgess of Abirdene, grants a letter of manrent in favour of William Hay, Earl of Erroll. (bb)

•     April 18, 1521 AD        A precept of sasine dated April 18, 1521 is granted by William Hay, Earl of Errol, in favor of his son, William Hay, brother and nearest heir of the late John Hay of ‘Neddir Leisk cum molendino’ (Neither Leask with its mill), in the barony of Slains, co Aberdeen. (bc)

•     1528 AD        A rebellion broke out in the islands that seems to have been a feud between various branches of the Sinclair Family. The rebellion was led by James Sinclair, a relative of the Sinclair Earls. He became Governor of Kirkwell Castle. One of the reasons for the revolt may have been that Lady Margaret was an absentee holder of the tack. The Earl of Caithness, a Sinclair set sail for Orkney with soldiers on board, ostensibly to keep law and order, as he had received a royal mandate. (11-page 27)

•     1529 AD        Battle of Sumerdale in the moorlands of south Stenness: Two Sinclair cousins battle. The cadet side (led by James Sinclair) comprised of Orcadians routed the invaiding army made up of Caithnessmen led by the Earl of Caithness, who was the senior branch. Subsequently James Sinclair was knighted by King James V (10-page 161) (11-page 27)

•     1540 AD        King James V visits Orkney with a fleet of 16 ships. (11-page 27) He changed the terms of the tact giving it to Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairns, despite Lady Margaret’s protests. The office of Lawman was replaced by that of Sheriff, and the roithmen (members of head court) of old became ‘suitors of court’. Oliver Sinclair was appointed Sheriff, Justice, Admiral and Baillie and had to hold courts for all of these four functions. (11-page 27-8)

•     December 8, 1542 AD        Mary, daughter of James V, the future Queen of the Scots is born. (4-page 319)

•     December 14, 1542 AD        James V dies at thirty, perhaps of cholera or dysentery at the palace in Falkland. (4-page 314)

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