James I (1406 AD to 1437 AD)

•     March 22, 1406 AD        James, the young Stewart Prince of Scotland who was later to become James I, was captured by Norfolk pirates and then imprisoned in the Tower of London by King Henry IV, king of England for 18 years. (4-page 227)

•     June 1406 AD        With the heir to the throne (James I) a captive of the English, the Scottish parliament had no option but to confirm the dead Kings brother, the Duke of Albany, as governor and regent of Scotland. (4-page 228)

•     July 24, 1411 AD        (A) Reid Harlaw: (about ten miles from Aberdeen) Highlanders led by Donald of the Isles fought against lowlanders led by Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar. A bloody, but indecisive battle, fought near Inverurie, with both sides retiring from the field at the end of the day. The Provost of Aberdeen was slain in the battle. As a result the Provosts were forbidden to fight in battles. (1 page 89-102)

•     1420 AD        Just before his death Henry II in 1420 AD, he appoints his brother-in-law Sir David Menzies of Weem as his representative in the Islands. David became so hated for his harsh regime that after only four (4) years a long list of complaints was sent to the King. It accused Menzies, among other things, of taking the seal of the country from the Lawman and using it as he pleased, and of having brought in a lot of foreigners who were a veritable pest to the people. (11-page 25)

•     1424 AD        James I returns to Scotland at 30 years old. (2 page 88)

•     1427 AD        James I calls a Parliament at Inverness where he arrests 40 clan chiefs and executes most of them. (2 page 88)

•     1434 AD        William Sinclair becomes the last Sinclair Earl. (11-page 25)

•     October 5, 1436 AD        Humphrey Leask, the 3rd Clan Chief, oldest son of Thomas, who as Wmfra Lask was a member of an assize, held October 5, 1436, “of the gentillys of the cuntre in ane testificatione of the lard of Ardendracht bailye of the baronry of Slanis that the lands of Brogan pertenit in property to the Earl of Erroll. (ac)

•     February 20, 1437 AD        James I is executed at Blackfriars Monastery. His son, the future James II is only six years old (4-page 249)

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